The Centre for Ageing Better commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a mixed methods research study designed to understand the barriers and enablers to a good later life.

Centre for Ageing Better Later Life in Life 2015

What did we do?

Below is a brief summary of what the research entailed

Cluster analysis to identify segments of people aged 50 years and older with similar levels of wellbeing

In depth qualitative work with 24 people who matched the profiles of these segments

Diary work, to monitor wellbeing over a week

Return visits to 12 of the participants from stage 2, plus photography work

A quantitative survey of c.1400 people aged 50 years and older

Introducing the segments

The purpose of this site it to help you get to know each of the six segments better.

This site aims to convey the lived experience of people in each of these six segments, with a particular focus on their health, financial situation and social connections – the three factors that were consistently identified as being important for a good later life.

Project Files & Resources

Download the documents below that were created to support the research of this project.

Later Life in 2015: main report Methodological Report
Data Tables Survey Figures Executive Summary